Launch Blizzard games, find the latest news, and chat with other players is a desktop client developed by the Blizzard company to help you play its games, get their latest news, and chat with other players. It's imperative to use this program if you want to play or update a video game that's been purchased from the Blizzard store.

The utility is packed with a user-friendly interface, provides you with multiple notification settings (to notify you when a friend goes online, you receive an instant message, etc.), and gives you access to various chat options. You can shop the latest games, loot crates, new characters, DLC (Downloadable Content), and many others.

Another great aspect of this tool is that you can use it to capture your gameplay sessions and instantly stream them to your Facebook account.

Two things bother me about Blizzard's desktop client: it occasionally runs slow (when switching between its tabs) and the fact that a lot of the listed content takes you to the homepage of the developer (for example, the news, game pages, etc.).

Briefly, is a program that is useful to anyone who owns or plans on purchasing games from the Blizzard company. If you're that kind of user then you should definitely download and install this free utility on your Windows PC.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Gives you access to the latest Blizzard news
  • Comes with chat and video streaming features
  • Provides you with the latest Blizzard game offers


  • Occasionally runs slow
  • A lot of the listed content takes you to the homepage of the developer
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